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Art Terms

Artist Proof

Artists traditionally have personally selected the prints with the highest quality and denoted them "artist proofs"

Signed & Numbered,  Limited Edition

The artist's signature is the collector's guarantee that the artist has looked at the print and verified its authenticity and its quality.  The placement of the signature has nothing to do with the value of the print.  The number of the print edition size is determined by the artist. Most limited edition prints are numbered in a standard format that indicates the edition size and the individual print's serial number within the edition.  The numbers

Signed Only-Open Edition  

Signed only, or unsigned, open edition print is any piece of art that is not limited to a specific number of  reproductions, but it may be signed by the artist.


A remarque is an artist's original drawing, in pencil or ink, artist's option, that is added to a limited edition print.  Usually drawn in the white border along the bottom of print.  

Off-set Lithography Prints

Offset lithography is the printing process that creates the highest quality reproductions possible from an original painting.

Iris Giclee/Iris Prints

Iris prints have more recently been called Giclee prints which is a French word meaning "to spray forcefully".

Iris Canvas/Canvas Reproductions

Canvas art reproductions are the future of the art world.  They have the ability to revolutionize the way we perceive art prints, and they will undoubtedly medium for the next generation.  The canvas reproductions are the closest thing to having an original painting, without the cost of an original painting. As a rule, all canvas reductions are embellished by the artist.    

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